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October 01, 2009


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Cats Meow

WhooHoo!!! You go girl.

This is my first visit to your blog. Great family!!

When my son hit the "driving myself, thank you" age, he was living with his dad. We enjoyed the fact he could drive himself back and forth to my house. I know what you mean though. You never really stop worrying. Also right in that I didn't worry about his driving but some other drunk driving nut plowing into him.

I enjoyed the blog about your trip with your son. When I took my son to the mall with me, I would tell him to meet me in front of some store. I also told him if he wasn't there, I would chase him down and when I got about five feet away, I'd start. Me shouting, "Sweetie, honey, baby. Pookie needs to come his mommy now for sweet loves." You get the picture. He was never late. (smile)

Cats Meow

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